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Do you own or take care of a fleet of vehicles? Looking for solutions to keep them working smoothly? We are Ace Recovery to help you. You can get our help fixing and maintaining your fleet fast and easily. Fleet Maintenance, Emergency Breakdown Assistance, Scheduled Inspections, Vehicle Recovery, Roadside Assistance, Transportation Logistics, and Compliance and Advisory Services are just a few of the services we offer. Our service area includes Bolton, Manchester, Bury, Wigan, Farnworth, and Radcliffe. The goal of our team is to help your company run smoothly. Well get you back on track quickly if something breaks down or if you need regular checks. We assure regulatory compliance and effective fuel management for your vehicles.


Our Services

Our services are tailored to ensure that your fleet runs efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing
efficiency. At Ace Recovery, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored for fleet


Fleet Maintenance

Scheduled checks and maintenance to keep your vehicles in prime condition.


Emergency Breakdown Assistance

Swift response to unexpected breakdowns, getting you back on the road.

MOT Training Service

Scheduled Inspections

Regular, planned inspections to prevent unforeseen issues.

Best MOT Training

Vehicle Recovery

Retrieval and assistance in case of accidents or breakdowns.

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Roadside Assistance

Immediate aid and support when needed on the road.


Transportation Logistics

Managing the movement and transportation of your vehicles efficiently.


Compliance and Advisory Services

Guidance and support to ensure adherence to regulations.

car towing

Fuel Management

Optimizing fuel usage for cost-efficiency.

Quick Solutions When Needed

Emergencies happen unexpectedly and can cause trouble for your operations. Our Emergency Breakdown Assistance offers fast responses and immediate roadside help. Whether it’s small issues or big breakdowns, our experts quickly solve the problem, getting you back on the road in no time. Our 24/7 Roadside Assistance ensures you’re never stuck, giving fast solutions to keep your fleet moving smoothly. We spot and fix potential problems early to keep your fleet on the road without any interruptions. At Ace Recovery, we focus on your urgent needs during breakdowns.

Keeping Your Fleet Reliable

Keeping your vehicles reliable is crucial. At Ace Recovery, we’re dedicated to ensuring your fleet stays dependable. Our team checks your vehicles thoroughly and fixes problems before they cause issues. We do routine servicing and quick fixes, aiming to reduce downtime and keep your fleet running smoothly for your business. Scheduled Inspections are our way to prevent unexpected breakdowns. These checks cover important parts of your vehicles, making sure they’re safe and working well. Moreover, we create maintenance plans just for your fleet. We understand each vehicle is different, so we customize our approach to suit your needs.

Easy Start

Ready to move? Just reach out to us. We discuss and tailor our services to your specific needs. Sit back as we smoothly take care of the rest. Contact Us: A quick call or message is all it takes.

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