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Car Jump Start Service

car jump start services

One of the frustrating experiences is when you get in your car, turn the key, and merely find the engine making a tired noise without starting. It’s absolutely not a great part of the day.

Well, your car’s battery can stop working for many reasons, like when it’s really cold outside, you had left the lights on for a long time, or you haven’t used the car for a while. Whatever the reason, our car jump start service is the only thing you need.

Stuck with a Dead Battery? Expert Jump Start to the Rescue!

Ace Recovery is a trustworthy team of professionals offering expert jump-start services. Our skilled mechanics swiftly get you back on the road, whether your car is at home or on the roadside. Employing cutting-edge jump-start technology, we operate 24/7 to help you through your road struggles.

Why Do Cars Need a Jump Start?

Cars need to be jump-started when the battery is dead or discharged. The reasons can be several, including:

  • Leaving the lights overnight
  • Having a parasitic draw (a small electrical discharge that depletes the battery even when the car is turned off)
  • Driving in cold weather
  • Having a weak battery
  • Having a bad alternator (the part that charges the battery)

When the battery is dead, it does not have enough power to turn the starter motor that cranks the engine. This is why jump-starting a dead battery is needed to give it a temporary power boost.

car jump start service

Why to Jump Start Your Car by Professionals?

For jump-starting your car, you should always rely on a professional car battery jump start service.

  1. It eliminates the risk of your car battery exploding during the jump-start procedure.
  2. Trying to jump-start your car by yourself can be risky because of the highly combustible nature of car batteries. Even a little spark can lead to a big fire.
  3. Using the wrong voltage for your battery might impair your vehicle’s onboard computer. This is why it’s ideal to hand over the car jump-start task to experts.

Although jump-starting a car might seem simple, doing it incorrectly can involve various risks, including getting hurt or harming your car. It is wise to let professional jump-start car service handle the job for you.

When Do You Need Battery Replacement?

Knowing when to replace your battery is smarter than waiting for it to fail, leaving your car stranded. If you’re considering battery replacement, watch for these signs:

  1. The battery or alternator warning light is illuminated or flashing.
  2. The engine cranks extremely slowly or doesn’t crank (turn over) at all.
  3. Electrical systems like interior lights or radio are acting up or working inconsistently.
  4. The vehicle needs jumps frequently.
  5. Lights refuse to turn on.
  6. The battery case appears swollen.
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How Will We Test Your Battery Health?

When assessing your battery’s health, we’ll analyse its readings and condition. Our advanced tools provide an instant printout of the test result. The readings fall into these categories:

  1. Good Battery: If your battery is in this category, we’ll inspect your car’s charging system to identify the cause of the breakdown, as the battery isn’t the root issue.
  2. Bad Cell: Car batteries consist of multiple 2-volt cells. If one cell is faulty, we’ll replace the battery.
  3. Replace Battery: This straightforward result indicates the battery is beyond recovery and needs replacement.
  4. Needs Charging: If your battery falls in this bracket, it’s still functional but requires a full charge. We’ll investigate your car’s charging system to uncover the drain-source and jump-start the battery accordingly.


Getting your car fixed has never been simpler! Our mobile mechanics visit you for battery jump start service, whether you’re at home or work. Just give your keys to our mechanic, and they’ll quickly bring your car back on the road.

No need to be at home during the emergency jump start service. The best part of Ace Recovery’s vehicle jump start service is convenience. No dropping off or picking up your car is required.

Car batteries generally last around five to seven years. But remember, battery life depends on several factors, especially good care. Usage amount, proper charging, and your climate are also important considerations.

Car batteries usually hold up for about four to six years. However, it also depends on your car type, where you live (the climate), how you drive, how well you maintain your battery and car, and whether the battery was installed correctly.

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