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Vehicle Recovery & Towing Services Bolton

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Are you stuck with a broken-down car in Bolton? It’s a big headache, right? You might worry about who to call and if they’ll be reliable. Being the top car towing company, we at Ace Recovery understand these troubles well. That’s why we’re here to help you with top-notch vehicle recovery services.
When your car breaks down, it’s not just about getting it moved. You want someone who is quick, safe, and caring. That’s us. We offer Roadside Assistance for those sudden car troubles.
Had an accident? Our Accident Recovery service is there to handle it with care. If your car won’t start, our Breakdown Recovery team will be right there. Need to move a car? Our Car Transportation service is safe and efficient. Caught in a tricky spot? Our Off-Road and Motorway Recovery services are just what you need. Plus, being the most trusted car towing company, we help with Vehicle Rescue and even remove Unwanted Vehicles.
We know these situations are stressful. That’s why we aim to make our services as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Trust us to turn your vehicle troubles into a thing of the past.

Vehicle Recovery & Towing Services Bolton

Our Comprehensive Vehicle Towing Solutions


Roadside Assistance

Stranded on the road? We're here to help. Our team will try to fix your car on the spot. If that's not possible, we'll tow it to safety.


Accident Recovery

Accidents are scary. We handle your vehicle with care, ensuring it's moved safely.


Breakdown Recovery

Car won't start? We'll come to you, figure out the problem, and get you moving again.


Car Transportation

Need to move a car? We transport vehicles securely, wherever you need them.

Accident Recovery in Wigan

Vehicle Rescue

Stuck in mud or a ditch? Our rescue team specialises in tricky situations


Off-Road Recovery

Off the beaten path? Being the top car towing company, we have the skills to recover vehicles from tough spots.


Motorway Recovery

Broken down on the motorway? We provide quick and safe recovery services.

Vehicle Breakdown in a Tunnel

Unwanted Vehicle Removal

Got an old car you don't need? We can remove it for you, no hassle.

Unique Blend of Speed & Dependability

Have you ever called for help and waited hours? It’s frustrating. Sadly, many agencies don’t prioritise speed. They leave you waiting, anxious on the road. This is tough, especially in emergencies. At Ace Recovery, we do things differently. Speed is key for us. When you call, we act fast. Our team is trained to respond swiftly. We know in tough times, every minute counts. So, being the best car towing company, we make sure we’re there for you, fast. Our vehicles are equipped and ready to roll. This means less waiting for you. Dependability matters too. You need a service you can trust. That’s us. We’re reliable and always there, 24/7. Rain or shine, day or night, you can count on Ace Recovery. Being the top car towing company, we turn challenging situations into smooth solutions. With us, you’re in safe, caring hands.

Affordable and Customer-Focused – Always!

Finding affordable towing services is hard. Many companies charge too much. They know you’re stuck and might take advantage. That’s not fair to you. We at Ace Recovery believe in providing affordable towing services. Our prices are honest and reasonable. We don’t take advantage of your situation. Instead, we focus on helping you. Our pricing is clear and upfront. No hidden fees or surprises. Being customer-focused is our priority. Being the top car towing company, we listen to you and understand your needs. Our team treats every customer with respect and kindness. We’re here to make your day better, not harder. Affordable prices and caring service – that’s our promise to you. Trust Ace Recovery, your local towing company, for fair, customer-friendly vehicle towing services.

Get Started Today!

You’ve read about our services. Now, it’s time to choose Ace Recovery for peace of mind. Remember, vehicle problems can happen anytime. When they do, you need a reliable team. That’s us. Ready to get started? It’s easy. Just give us a call or visit our website. We’re here to help, always. Don’t let vehicle troubles stress you out. No need to Google ‘emergency towing near me’ or ‘affordable towing near me’ when you can hire us. Choose Ace Recovery, your local towing company, for quick, caring, and affordable towing services in Bolton.

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Response: We’re quick to respond. Your time matters.

Experienced Team: Our team knows their stuff. They’re trained and skilled.

Comprehensive Services: From roadside assistance to accident recovery, Being the top car towing company, we do it all.

Customer-Centric Approach: You come first. Always.

Transparent Pricing: No hidden costs. Honest and clear pricing.

Wide Service Area: Bolton and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Trust Ace Recovery for reliable vehicle towing services. We’re more than a service; we’re your roadside partners.


 We aim for rapid response. We understand the urgency. 

 We cover Bolton and surrounding areas. Need help elsewhere? Just ask!

Yes, we offer competitive and transparent pricing. No surprises.

 Absolutely From small cars to larger vehicles, we can assist.

Absolutely. From small cars to larger vehicles, we can assist.

 Just call us or visit our website. We’re ready to assist.

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Ready to move? Just reach out to us. We discuss and tailor our services to your specific needs. Sit back as we smoothly take care of the rest. Contact Us: A quick call or message is all it takes.

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